Reydon Public Schools will serve the Reydon community by providing a comprehensive education so that all students may attain their full potential and continue to develop the skills necessary for independent lifelong learning.


To accomplish this mission, the following goals shall be achieved:


Provide a learning environment that is safe, modern, orderly, and friendly.

Create a learning environment that enables all students to maximize and achieve their full potential.

Facilitate effective community involvement and encourage the community to actively participate in all school activities and education.

Insure that all students will receive an education that will enable them to serve as useful, productive citizens in their community.

Continue to pursue openness to innovations in education.


Monday, January 15
Basketball @ Merritt
JHJV - 4:30
JH - 6:30

Tuesday, January 16
*Picture Day
Spring Casuals/Class Groups
* Basketball @ Reydon
3/4 - 4:30
5/6 - 6:00

Thursday, January 18
Basketball @ HS Bi-County Tournament (Elk City)

Friday, January 19
* Basketball @ HS Bi-County Tournament (Elk City)

Saturday, January 20
Basketball @ HS Bi-County Tournament (Elk City)



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